Bonini’s history begins in 1948 with the founder Etelvino Bonini, who, committed to guaranteing quality and efficiency in the provision of services to its clients, started his journey in the accounting area with his wife and later also relied on the support of his five children.

After a lot of work, in 1980 the company opened its own headquarters at Avenida Mazzei, in the north area of São Paulo. At the beginning of the 1990s, our history is marked by a significant renovation in the company’s facilities, with state-of-the-art architecture and equipment, in addition to a fully computerized working system. Over the years, aiming to meet the needs of its clients, Bonini has added new services: logistics of documents, property management, consulting and specific tax studies, among others.


Offer an outstanding business management experience.


Be recognized as a business management company that respects and values the environment in which it operates.


Our values describe how we think and act to provide simple and efficient business experiences that help achieving our objectives.

Forward-thinker: identify and meet the future needs of our clients.

Competent: foster and value the improvement of specific techniques and knowledge.

Committed: demonstrate responsibility with our partners and clients, clearly and objectively meeting all our commitments.

Ethical: be upright before our clients and employees, fully fulfilling our obligations.

Human: respect the human being, recognizing his or her personal characteristics and needs.

Profitable: guarantee the survival and perpetuity of the company and its clients.

Client satisfaction: meet all the needs of our clients effectively, presenting the best solutions.

Teamwork: have a team that goes beyond common practices, being able to create innovative solutions.